Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Sorry for today’s whiney post title. I’m not exactly in a constructive mood today. 🙁

For some reason I always manage to convince myself that I can skip Feldenkrais lessons for a couple of weeks with no problem. I can’t, and now I suffer from aching neck and shoulder muscles. My muscles are so bunched up that I actually feel dizzy.

But back to today’s topic: my monthly before and after pictures. I haven’t weighed myself for a couple of months so I have no numbers to compare to, but based on my comparison pictures – and the way my clothes fit – I’d say I’m more or less the same than a month ago.

Left: 5th July | Right: 9th August

Below are the side pictures.

Left: 5th July | Right: 9th August 2012

It’s embarrassing to keep posting these pictures when nothing happens.

So why can’t I lose weight?

June was a difficult month for me, so I can  understand it. July was better, but obviously not good enough for me to actually lose weight. My quality of life and being able to take good care of myself (and consequently lose weight) go pretty much hand in hand. I AM trying to make improvements in my life but I’m afraid it may take years to have results. So should I give up on the weight loss attempt for now and concentrate on other things: getting fitter and not gaining weight?

What consoles me a bit is that at least I’m getting stronger little by little. I just started the third phase of  Lynn Cosgrove’s Female Body Breakthrough program.

I suppose that instead of asking myself  “why can’t I lose weight?” I should ask how can I make my life better and more fun. I have some ideas for that, but I’ll write about them on Sunday…

Weight Loss In Pictures 2 + Workouts

Let’s leave my weight loss pictures update for later and concentrate on my workouts for a moment.


This is my third week of doing Flavia’s Full-Body-Licious program. My fitness level is clearly improving, because instead of doing one round of the four circuits I’m now able to  do two rounds!

It still doesn’t mean I’m not completely blasted after every workout. :-p

I’m not sure whether I should keep doing three workouts a week or increase my workouts to four per week. I probably play it safe and increase the amount of workouts after I really master them.


The annoying thing about Flavia’s program is that I think I’d get more out of the it if I needn’t always fumble with the equipment. My dumbbells are always on the other side of the room and the exercise ball on the other. The worst thing is that sometimes it takes ages to position the exercise ball so that it stays firmly in place and I’m actually able to do something with it.

Another pitfall is that even though it’s possible to do the program at home with an exercise ball, dumbbells and elastic bands, it would be much easier to do it in a gym with proper equipment. [Read more…]

My Weight Loss in Pictures (+ Workouts)

Eek! This is the first time I’m putting any weight loss progress photos on display (for everyone to see and comment).

Because I don’t use scales, taking pictures of myself wearing my goal jeans (size 8) has been the most important way to document my progress .

I’ve taken a set of progress pictures two or three weeks apart, starting on March 27.  The latest pair was taken on May 23. The slideshow shows only my first and the most recent pair of pictures.

I actually have more pictures, but I really don’t want the whole world to see me wearing just bra and panties,  from every possible distance and angle. 🙂 (It’s a shame, because it’s  easier to see my progress in those pictures…I’ve followed closely how I my “back rolls” shrink).


Taking progress photos has been an ideal way to track my weight loss. I’m able to see exactly where I’m losing FAT. That’s something scales can’t tell you. If you’re only following numbers on a scale, you lump together everything from gains in muscle mass (good thing), losses of muscle mass (bad thing), temporary bloating, plus fat loss and fat gain.

In my opinion, weighing yourself is not a the best way to track your weight loss progress.

I obviously still have time to go before I’m able close that zipper.  🙂

Week 23 Workouts

On average, I walked 10,040 steps per day. I had one low step day (6,903) I spent sitting in a car.  Otherwise the week was pretty normal for me.

  1. 5 x 40-45 minute walks
  2. 1x 50 minute Nordic walk
  3. 2 x 30-40 minute kettlebell workouts (plus other stuff)


I’m planning on buying a new online fitness course at the moment. I miss a proper workout planned by a real fitness expert. I also wouldn’t mind gaining more strength and sculpting my body in a more systematic way.

Best Wishes,



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