Healthy Lifestyle Stress?

healthy lifestyle stress

Is your lifestyle making your life better?

Reading Lauren Brooks’ recent blog post titled “I’m Only Human” brought to my mind my own struggles with healthy living.

Supposedly we strive for a healthier lifestyle in order to make our lives better, but often we get the opposite effect.

If you’re interested in healthy living and weight loss (and aren’t living under a rock ), you must have noticed there are numerous healthy lifestyles to choose from these days: vegan, low carb/slow carb, raw food, paleo, primal, low fat, no-grain,  gluten free …. you name it!

Ain’t it cool: dozens of ways to make yourself lean and optimally healthy (if you just follow the dictates of the lifestyle).

Or alternatively, they can make your life miserable.


I have never suffered from an eating disorder, but I’m certainly prone to obsessing about food and health. If I happen to read a book about the advantages of a specific healthy lifestyle [Read more…]

About Stress And Weight Loss

stress and weight lossThe connection between stress and weight loss is not something that is discussed very much. I started thinking about the topic just because my favorite nutrition expert – Patrik Borg – put so much emphasis on it in his latest book.

When I thought about it, I noticed a recurring pattern in my own life: practically all periods of considerable weight gain in my life go together with periods of high stress. Without those stressful periods I might well be normal weight.

My latest weight gain is a good example: I lost 28 lb with Weight Watchers in 2003 and was able to maintain most of  the weightI lost – until I started working in a high stress job in 2006. [Read more…]