First Week of N.E.A.T Living

My first week following the NEAT plan was not so easy than I expected (silly me!).

I was very excited and motivated the first two days and dutifully walked all 3 x 20 minutes on both days, but on Wednesday my mood plummeted.

The biggest reason for that was probably the fact that I was working at home and I had no easy way to be on my feet 3 times a day. The change to my daily routine was too drastic. (It was very easy to reach the daily goal when I went in my office to work on Friday)

When I summed my weekly points I was surprised when I realized I still earned 86% of my weekly points (39 out of 45). That means I’m still probably able to reward myself after two weeks of NEAT! Thanks to the NEAT system, as long as I get 75% of the points, I’m allowed to give myself a reward. No need to be perfect.

What went well

However, there was something that was very easy. I started to track my food intake with a Finnish service I have used before.  I have eaten ~1500-1600 kcal/day for a week and I have had no trouble with the diet at all. On the contrary, I was relieved I could place some kind of boundaries to my eating. I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I need some kind of structure to support me.

My stomach is already flatter and my jeans are looser at the waist! 🙂

My Steps For Week #4

I’m back to my old habit of tracking my daily steps. Last weeks’ average was 8664 steps/day.  I think I would’ve reached the average of 9000 steps without the dip in the middle of the week.

Additional Facts and Figures

Because I’m not measuring my weight, I decided to measure my body circumference instead. I have been reading Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Body, so I decided to adopt his suggestion and track my total inches (TI). TI is the number you get when you add together all your measurements (waist, hip, thighs, arms).

I made my own adjustments to the TI figure. I take measurements of my thighs, hips, waist, the highest point of my breasts plus just below my breasts. (I tried to measure my arms too, but it was just too difficult.) Because I measure my circumference in centimeters, I call my measure TC instead of TI.

TC=507 cm (~199.6 inches)

Next time I’m going to take my measurements on Monday the 14th which happens to be Valentine’s Day!

Here’s an interesting detail. My waist is 96 cm and my hips 99 cm so there’s practically no difference between the two. I’m waisteless, and THAT’S a bad sign!


This week we are ramping up our efforts. Now I have to have two 20 minute walks and one 30 minute walk every day.



Leaving Behind the Sedentary Lifestyle

I’m a bit scared right now because I’m starting a new program tomorrow.

For some reason, I take it a lot more seriously than the “challenges” I set for myself last year. I feel I was just warming up for the real feat!


The program I’m going to follow is the 8-week N.E.A.T plan outlined in James Levine’s book Move a Little, Lose a Lot. The idea is to increase  your daily NEAT activity (= non-exercise activity) and lose the extra pounds in the process.

The eventual goal is to have 135 minutes of NEAT activity every day, which – by the way – is the difference between obesity and normal weight.

The NEAT Plan in a Nutshell

The plan consists of basic concepts like  NEAT Feet, NEAT Beat and NEAT Treats (!). Every day you gain from one to six points depending on how many of the daily assignments you complete. Every two weeks you can reward yourself (NEAT Treat) if you get 75% of the max number of points.

The most important part of the plan is NEAT Feet. The program prescribes three 20 minute walks every day. It’s very important to take several separate walks, because sitting for hours on end is poison to your health. Walking for an hour a day and then staying put for the rest of the day is cheating.

NEAT Beats are activities that are supposed to activate you mentally, like going to a museum or drawing your dream life.

I have actually already done my first beat task: I got myself a NEAT plant I put on my desk at home. Because I’m not a plant person, I got myself a bamboo shoot because I heard it’s “indestructible”. We’ll see.


In a nutshell, every day has it’s  NEAT Feet and Beat prescription. The plan is progressive, meaning that it starts easy and gets gradually more difficult.

Defining Your NEAT Dreams

To set the ground for the new lifestyle, we had to define our neat dreams, ie. what it is we want to achieve with the new physically active lifestyle.  I came up with three things:

  1. In my dream life, I wake up every morning full of energy and eager to start the day’s work.
  1. In my dream life, I’m healthy, strong and physically active. Because I take care of myself, I needn’t be overly afraid of the pains, aches and diseases that come with the sedentary lifestyle.
  1. In my dream life, I’m able to buy fitting clothes that are a match to my personality.

In my first day, I’m supposed to be on my feet 3 x 20 minutes, eat a fruit at the breakfast and get a NEAT plant (which I have already done).

Wish me luck!