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I'm going to go from frumpy to fabulous.. 🙂

I’ve spent most of last week in the throes of migraine, so I haven’t felt like blogging lately.

Luckily I got a doctor’s appointment in a couple of weeks about my migraine. I really, really hope I’m a good candidate for preventative migraine medications like triptans. On the basis of what I’ve read so far, it’s possible my current meds are incompatible with migraine medications (or may even trigger them!). In that case I’d rather get rid of the medications or replace than suffer from migraines.

Migraine is a holistic experience. 🙂

I mean it f**ks every aspect of your life and makes it almost impossible to maintain a healthy lifestyle while it lasts. You certainly don’t have much control on your eating – you either won’t eat because of constant nausea (or vomiting)  or you have powerful cravings. For instance, during my latest migraine attack I either ate nothing because of nausea or craved ice cream, chocolate, orange-flavored sodas (I usually drink Pepsi Max, but during migraines I crave orange-flavored sodas), chips and salty liquorice (salmiakki). Top diet, no?!

Of course, exercise is also out of question. I can usually walk around and even do some light errands when I’m not in the active headache phase, but that’s it.


But enough of migraines already!

On Tuesday I received my copy of Rachel Cosgrove’s Female Body Breakthrough (FMM). I’ve been reading it here and there for a couple of days.  Rachel Cosgrove certainly knows her fitness stuff. I found the following intriguing snippet on p. 123. [Read more…]

Migraine-My New Stress-O-Meter?

Do you have a physical symptom like headache or stomach upset that is a sign you’re getting  stressed out and it’s time to slow down?

I think I actually have a fresh new stress-o-meter: migraine headaches! I have never had migraine headaches before, but suddenly this fall I’ve had several tête-à-têtes with them.  It’s and understatement to say I’m not very thrilled with my new burden, because it’s not so long ago when I suffered from chronic tension headaches.


But let’s talk about body types or physiques. I don’t know what to call them but I think there are different body types that react differently to external stimuli and stresses.

I have the kind of “oversensitive” physique that kindly informs me when something is even a little out of whack in my life. My physique reminds me of a fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen. In the fairy tale, the “real” princess was so sensitive she couldn’t sleep because she sensed a pea that was placed in hear bed even through 20 mattresses. [Read more…]