Learning Intuitive Eating

Like I wrote in my diet without dieting post, I’ve committed myself to learning intuitive eating.

I decided to give intuitive eating a chance because I’m tired of thinking about weight and food all the time.

I’m aware it’s quite possible to lose weight the usual way – i.e. dieting – but also experienced enough to know that it’s not the solution that it’s purported to be.

Can you count how many times you’ve been on a diet, lost some weight and then gained it back? If you’re an average reader, I bet it’s more than 10 times. And if so, do you still sincerely believe that if you just manage to drop that extra weight this time, you won’t be back to square one in a couple of years? Or that now you’ve developed that self-control and self-discipline you didn’t have three years ago? [Read more…]