I’m A Home Exercise Equipment Junkie!

Thigh Master. They still sell them at Amazon!

Have I ever mentioned I’m a home exercise equipment junkie? Perhaps not. The fact is, I collect home exercise equipment like some women collect designer handbags.

During the last 12 months I’ve added several items to my ever-growing collection: one kettlebell, several exercise dvds, resistance bands, one pedometer, a “pilates band”, foamroller etc, etc).

For conveniences sake, I specialize in compact portable exercise stuff, not exercise bikes and treadmills. I simply don’t have enough room for treadmills and ellipticals in my flat.

One of my favorite pass times is strolling in the sporting goods section of some department store looking for new pieces of home exercise equipment. Balance boards, resistance bands, hula hoops, kettlebells – everything interests me! If I lived in US, my apartment would be full of home exercise equipment I purchased at Amazon (I guess I’m lucky I don’t).


I’ve owned lots home exercise equipment over the years. I guess my collection habit started in my teens, when I clipped out  workouts I found in women’s magazines. After VCRs were introduced in Finland, I owned a small but comprehensive set of Jane Fonda’s workout videos. If I remember right, after that came the Callanetics phase! [Read more…]