Nagging Won’t Motivate Healthy Habits

Photo credit: Flickr/soundfromwayout

I had an interesting discussion about healthy habits with my mom. For the umpteenth time, it started me puzzling over what does and does not motivate one to stick to healthy habits.

My claim is that nagging is an extraordinarily inefficient way to motivate healthy habits in anyone.


My interest was sparked by a discussion with my mom last week.

I was sitting at a table removing the remains of my old make up when my mother laughed at me (kindly!) and remarked how funny it is to see me remove make up in the morning. I readily admitted that I have this bad habit of not bothering to remove my make up in the evening*.

And I added  that my dental health needs improving too, because I don’t always brush my teeth in the evenings not to mention flossing them regularly.

Then we started wondering why some people stick to healthy habits and what motivates that. [Read more…]