Fitness Goal Setting Tip – Don’t Fly Blind!

Photo credit: Flickr / stevenharris

I just learned a lesson in fitness goal setting.

For some reason I had forgotten how important it’s to track your progress toward your goal – and got reminded of it this week.

Like some of you may know, last October I set myself a goal of being able to do 10 consecutive military push ups by 31st May, 2012. I even had a plan on what I was going to do to reach my goal, but for some reason I forgot it’s equally important to track your progress toward the goal. (A really basic mistake!).

Because I had a rough few months at the end of the year, I had basically let my goal slide. – I did make several attempts to start training for the push ups last fall but I never seemed to get my act together. I think part of the problem was that I hated admitting I wasn’t doing very well, so every time I thought about having to do my push ups I just felt reluctant and a bit disgusted at myself. [Read more…]