The One Fitness Gadget You Should Have – Omron Hj-113 Pocket Pedometer

I have had my eye on the Omron Hj-113 Pocket Pedometer (walking style ii step counter) for quite some time. Two weeks ago I finally purchased my own piece.

I specifically wanted this Omron model because you can put in your pocket, bag or wear it around your neck and it still works fine. I own a Silva pedometer that’s in working order, but it has one flaw that makes it extremely frustrating to use. The Silva pedometer is attached to your belt with a clip, but if you attach it even in a slightly wrong position, its stops recording your steps. I could never know it was really recording my steps before I unattached it and checked the numbers.

And as far as I understand, the new models of digital Omron pedometers use accelerometers rather than mechanical pendulums to sense the movements, so they should be more accurate. They are less likely to count random bodily movements as steps.

Omron Hj-113 Pocket Pedometer – What It Tracks

The Omron pedometer records many other things than just steps:

  1. Number of steps
  2. Number of aerobic steps
  3. Calories consumed
  4. Fat burned
  5. Distance walked

The Hj-113 model also comes with a 7-day memory, which allows you to check your numbers from the last seven days. The pedometer automatically resets the counter to zero at midnight.

Omron Hj-113 Pocket Pedometer – Readying It for Use

Setting the pedometer ready for use was pretty simple and fast. It took me just a few minutes to read through  the instructions (okay, I confess I just gazed at them and then fumbled along!), put the lithium battery in place (included), set the time and weight. The most time consuming phase was measuring the length of my stride. After that my pedometer was ready to use.

What I most love about my Omron pocket pedometer is the fact that I can wear it around my neck in the morning and forget it till it’s time to go to bed in the evening.

Wearing my pedometer has been a great way to motivate myself to keep moving as much as possible during the day. I even created an Excel chart to track my daily steps. I have no actual baseline against which to measure, but I have been much more active after I got the pedometer than before it. Even rain and fog won’t prevent me from taking walks these days! 🙂



P.S. In my opinion, giving a pedometer as a  Christmas gift is a terrific idea, far better than buying some big ungainly piece of fitness equipment! Click here to check Omron Hj-113 pocket pedometers at