Four Simple Exercises For Upper Back Pain Relief

Source: Flickr/skatoolaki

Yesterday, I read an interesting article about text neck on Today’s Health.

Chiropractor Dean Fishman told that more and more people come to him to get relief from upper-back pains caused by excessive use of gadgets like smart phones, laptops and tablet computers.

What I found very disturbing is that his youngest patient was a 3-year-old toddler who played too much games on an electronic device!

Spending hours hunched over your smart phone or laptop every day is going to lead to weak and overtaxed muscles in upper back and eventually pains in the upper back, neck and even elbows and wrists.

The first thing to do for upper back pain relief is to check your posture repeatedly during the day and take frequent rests. Don’t let your neck hang like the guy’s in the picture on the top left! [Read more…]