Laptop Ergonomics – Rolling Computer Bag To The Rescue

kensington overnight laptop roller bag

Kensington overnight laptop roller bag for up to 17″ screens

I bought my first laptop more than a year ago, and traveling with it is definitely one of my least favorite things to do.

That’s especially true when I take a longer trip: carrying even a light 15” laptop computer in a messenger bag along with other luggage is a hassle I don’t look forward to. And I’m not a person who travels lightly. 🙂

Buying an iPad or a netbook wouldn’t solve the problem, because I need to be able to do my work which requires more from my computer than being able to read and answer occasional emails and surf the net.

And because I’m stickler to ergonomics, I like to carry an external keyboard with me – once I even stuck my full-size keyboard in my luggage because I didn’t want to use the keyboard that comes with a laptop.


Carrying your laptop in a messenger bag is not ergonomically the best solution, but nor is carrying it in a backpack designed for laptops. [Read more…]