The Ultimate Fitness Goal – Aging Well

walking with a caneBefore I start with today’s topic, I want to have a mini-rant.

I’m so mad at myself because I had planned on writing and publishing this post yesterday, but it didn’t happen. Why? Because when I started my computer and got online, I promptly got carried away: I stumbled on a couple of new blogs and spent hours reading them.

They were hours I had planned on writing for my own blog.

This is one of the most exasperating aspects of Internet: I absolutely hate it when it steals my time and my attention and I seem powerless to prevent that. I also think that limiting the time spent surfing on the Internet is something that would improve the quality of life for may people, not just me.


Marion recently wrote a post on her blog about her “Sexy-When-I’m-80” plan. It’s great plan and I think everyone should have one. Marion’s plan consists of all the things she must do and things she must avoid in order to be in a reasonably good physical shape when she’s eighty.

In Marion’s own words: [Read more…]

When Is It Too Late To Get Fit?

senior coach potatoesEarlier this week I came back from my summer vacation, thinking about the “inevitable” physical decline that is a part of aging.

[highlight]How much of our physical decline is really age-dependent and how much of it is a consequence of your sedentary lifestyle and lousy habits?[/highlight]


What got me thinking about the issue was spending time with my mother. She’s a 65-year old baby boomer who retired in early 2008. She’s only a little overweight, but her physical fitness has been on decline ever since her retirement.

One moment during my visit specifically stuck my mind: we were getting off a bus and my mother had a hard time negotiating the last long step from bus to curb. After that she briefly remarked that soon she won’t be able to board a bus on her own.

In my opinion, it’s a really bad sign if at age 65 your leg and thigh muscles are so weak you can’t carry your weight when you go up and down stairs. Next you’ll be to weak to get off the sofa! [Read more…]