Results On Aerobic Fitness Test and A New Fitness Goal

the start placeFor a long time, I’ve wanted test my aerobic fitness level, which I finally did on Friday afternoon.

For the test, I chose the Eurofit 2 Kilometer Walk Test (2 km ~1.24 miles ) that is commonly used in Finland. It doesn’t require any fancy equipment, you only need a heart rate monitor (even a stopwatch may be enough), so I figured I can do it on my own.

The Topend web page states rather depressingly that it’s a test for “adults aged 20-65 of poor fitness who would not be able to complete a running test”. Huh.

Luckily, I have a well marked 3.75 km forest path near where I live which I test walked on Wednesday. On Friday afternoon I belted myself with my Suunto heart rate monitor and headed for the track. When I passed the starting point, I took off like a pack of hungry zombies was on my heels (you’re supposed to walk 2 km as fast as you can). When I reached the 2km end point, I stopped and checked my heart rate and time.

According to my Suunto heart rate monitor, I walked the track in 19 minutes and 9 seconds and my heart rate at the end was 74. [Read more…]