Should vs self-compassion

december-focusAs you may remember, self-compassion was my December focus. I set out to ask myself how I could treat myself kindly every day. Unfortunately I was so busy and stressed out much of the time that I had little energy left to write about the topic.

Even though I wasn’t able to give the topic my full attention I made a couple of interesting observations. [Read more…]

My week: salsa and strength workouts

salsaope - Copy

This young guy is our salsa teacher.

After a long break, salsa and choir both started this week. On top of that I finally began my “super training” workouts on Wednesday. 🙂

I started easy – I only did two strength training workouts this week.

Next week I’m going to increase my workouts to three and  after another week or two I’m going to add two short metabolic intervals to the mix. [Read more…]

The Confidence Gap – A book review

confidence-gap-bookI ordered Russ Harris’s book The Confidence Gap: A Guide to Overcoming Fear and Self-Doubt last September. I’ve read and reread parts of the book ever since and probably will do many times in the future when I need some reinforcement, so now is a high time to write a formal review.

I want to add that writing this blog post is actually a proof of the approach the book teaches – that you can do stuff even though you doubt yourself or you aren’t feeling particularly confident. [Read more…]

Can you get up from the floor? Try this!

Smiling mature man kneelingDo you know if you’re fit enough for living your life independently? This may sound like a stupid question, but try the test below yourself and you might be surprised.

I found the test in a blog post written by Katy Bowman (my new favorite blog!). She’s is a Biomechanist and writes about all things related to the alignment of the body. The test is named Sit Down and Get Up and it’s used to assess your level of functional strength, flexibility and balance. You need them all to be able to go effortlessly go through your everyday life. [Read more…]

Fitness Inspiration from Roni Noone

roni-noone-graphicToday is a good time for sharing some fitness inspiration, so I created a graphic out of the Roni Noone quote that resonated the most with me in the beginning of January.

The quote is from Roni Noone’s blog post re the #wycwyc challenge:

We live messy lives and those who stop waiting for perfect are the ones who reach their goals. ~Roni Noone

It’s the *perfect* quote for all perfectionists who have a tendency to wait for circumstances to be just right before taking action. 🙂 [Read more…]