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Welcome to BodyCapable.Com. I have collected a few pointers to my best and hopefully most interesting content (so far).

To get started, read my article on how and why I decided to get fit and healthy.

About Weight Loss And Nutrition

I’m not a big believer in diets and dieting: if they really worked, no-one would be overweight or obese, at least for a long time. My eating, weight loss and nutrition philosophy has been strongly influenced by a Finnish nutrition expert Patrik Borg. He has written several books, but none of them have been translated into English.

Walking Articles

I fell in love with walking after I finally healed from my runner’s knee last fall.

I also bought a good pedometer. Today I wear a pedometer practically every day and usually log in 10,000 steps. Pedometer walking is something I can recommend to anyone who is trying to get back in shape and has trouble finding time to exercise.