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The physicality of singing

Funny school choir singingI had my first singing gig with my choir on Wednesday evening. We sang a Finnish tango named Satumaa, a jazzy version of Jingle Bells and Gloria Dei.

Based on the feedback our choir leader got from her colleagues we were pretty good – mostly thanks to her thorough singing instruction! [Read more…]

December focus: self-compassion

december-focusDecember started a few days ago.

This is the fourth month of my happiness project and the first month I’m going to focus on a single encompassing  theme. That is self-compassion.

This time I’m approaching the topic a bit differently: I’m repeatedly posing myself the following question: How can I treat myself kindly today? I chose the “one question technique” instead of the multiple resolutions because I still remember how well the Kaizen principle worked for me when I was trying to change a bad habit. [Read more…]