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Exercise smarter #1: activate dormant muscles

back of a woman indicating neck painIf you routinely suffer from pains and aches and recurring overuse injuries hamper your training, dormant (weak and inactive) muscles may be the culprit.

To be able progress with your exercise, you may need to learn to reactivate your dormant muscles first.

What the heck are “dormant” muscles?

Well, for some reason some muscles tend to shut off (get inhibited) while others take over their work (overactive / dominant muscles). [Read more…]

Getting off the confidence hook

Having a thought "You're a banana" doesn't make you a banana. :-)

Having a thought “You’re a banana” doesn’t make you a banana. 🙂

I planned on writing a post about 7+ ways of exercising smarter, but the post just doesn’t seem to get written.

It’s still in a list format in an unfinished Word document. 🙁

At least I’m finally so frustrated that I’m ready to write just about any old sh*t just to get back on track with blogging. [Read more…]