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Wild Midsummer and Low-Back Pain


Some pretty Midsummer flowers. Pelargonias, perhaps?

I have to clarify that MY midsummer hasn’t been very wild so far. The wildest thing that happened to me is that I wore my Hello Kitty nightie upside down AND forgot to wear my pedometer yesterday, which felt like I was going around blind and naked. [Read more…]

Physical Infirmity – Aging or Neglect?

Five years ago, before I really started investing my time on improving my fitness, I often thought that getting old is going to be intolerable.

I already suffered from chronic tension headaches and constant pains and aches in my shoulders, neck and low back. I got up in the morning in pain and I went back to sleep the same way. I simply couldn’t imagine how I could still be working at age 50. [Read more…]

Perfect Weekend

I've been watering my sees religiously. I expect to have harvest in a couple of weeks..

I’ve been watering my seeds religiously. I expect to have harvest in a couple of weeks..

My weekend – especially Sunday – was pretty much perfect. No, I didn’t spend my weekend with a gorgeous hunk in a hotel in New York, but I’m sure my experience came close. 🙂

I was so fired up on Saturday morning that I planted spinach and coriander seeds on four pots that I placed on my balcony. Spinach in three pots, cilantro in one. [Read more…]