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Key to Happiness: small repeated boosts on well-being?

the dancer

Practice yoga, be happy?

Some time ago I stumbled upon an interesting research paper about increasing your happiness and well-being.

Many studies have come to the conclusion that big life events like winning the lottery or getting married have no lasting effect on your level of happiness. [Read more…]

New Equipment: Studio Pro Resistance Trainer

My new resistance tube. I especially like the door anchor.

I just bought a new piece of exercise equipment – Studio Pro Safety Resistance Trainer to replace my old resistance tube.

Blonngg! My old resistance tube snapped a couple of weeks ago in the middle of my training session. [Read more…]

45 years and 7 quirky things

Woman in crownI had my 45th birthday on Tuesday. It occurred to me that if I live to see age 90, I’m about half-way through now. That’s a humbling thought. How am I going to spend the rest of my life?

I hope I will have more fun than I had during the first 45 years! [Read more…]

Cake and Insight

piilossa kakun alla_346x458Whoa! The last few weeks have been super busy and super stressful. Despite the grumblings in my last post, I’ve actually done relatively well. Last week I didn’t get as much exercise as I would have liked but that was because I was travelling, not because I was too caught in stress.

I think I’ve improved a lot when it comes to dealing with stress. Compared to how I was just a year ago I’m much better able to withstand stress without resorting to poor eating or dropping my exercise. [Read more…]