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Relieve Your Shoulder Tightness with Foam Rolling Exercises

Hands up, if there is anyone there who doesn’t suffer from shoulder tightness? No? I thought so, or you wouldn’t be reading my blog. 🙂black-rollers


The fact is that hunching over computers, laptops and smartphones all day long creates a never-ending reserve of shoulder tension. I’m a naturally flexible person and I barely stretch my lower body to stay limber, but I need to constantly work to relieve my shoulder tightness so I’m able to have a relatively pain-free existence. [Read more…]

A Perfectly Balanced Visit


Photo credit: Flickr / goodiesfirst (Krista)

Last week was a pinnacle in my social life. I had a movie date with my best friend Nina and her hubby Rikki last Tuesday (we went to see the Jack Reacher movie.*) On Thursday night I met my little sister Hanna and she stayed overnight at my place.

On Thursday night I had dinner with Hanna at the local Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut has been one of our favorite places to eat for a long time, starting when I first came to Helsinki to study at the university over twenty years ago. At that time Pizza Hut was the hottest of the hot, because we only had thin-crusted pizzas available in Finland before that. [Read more…]

Exercise Hero Interview: Gordon the OldRunningFox

Gordon poised for action. :-)

Gordon poised for action. 🙂

It’s been a long time since I’ve published another Exercise Hero Interview, so it was about time I got this out. 🙂

This time I interviewed a runner called Gordon (from the United Kingdom) who keeps a blog named Run for Your Life. He is also the first male Exercise Hero in the series. 🙂

What is remarkable about Gordon is that he started running at age 54 and is still running at age 80. And he’s  not only running, he is still winning races.  [Read more…]

Inspiration for Confronting Your Fears

Now would have been a perfect time to create another fitspiration picture, but I decided to create an inspiration picture instead. 🙂


Lately, I’ve been writing about my attempts to control my stress and unpleasant emotions by eating. The crux of my last post was that eating is a particularly useless way of controlling your emotions, simply because it doesn’t work.


If you want to gain complete liberation from your fears, you’ll have to confront the monster you fear the most. There is no exception to the rule. ~Dr David Burns. [Read more…]

Why bad moods and stress lead to diet slip-ups

woman lying on sofa and eating comfort foodsWeight loss and diet slip ups go hand in hand, but have you ever wondered why slip ups usually happen when you’re in a bad mood or under a lot of stress?

That it happens is hardly news to anyone who has ever dieted, including me.

I have no difficulty sticking to my diet at all – except when I’m very upset or stressed out. In that case I give up all attempts at healthy and productive behaviors and become one big chocolate-consuming, tv-watching slob. In the worst case my diet lapse can last as long as two weeks, so it also has long term consequences for my weight control. [Read more…]