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Year 2012 In Review

Funny 2013 New Year's Eve greeting cardI just read my recap for year 2011. For this year’s review, I want to look back and answer a couple of questions: What were the big challenges in 2012? How did I progress – or not – in reaching my goals?


Overall,  this year has been a mixed one. [Read more…]

My Plan to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain


Christmas ham. Photo credit: Flckr / Qtea

Because I’m a committed member of the January Jeans 2013 Club I decided I need some kind of strategy to avoid holiday weight gain. [Read more…]

Could Exercise Be Your Keystone Habit?

Keystone representing the concept of keystone habit

As there are stones and keystones, there are habits and keystone habits.

There are habits, and then there are keystone habits. Today I want to discuss the concept of keystone habits I learned from Charles Duhigg’s book the Power of Habit.

I believe the difference between keystone habits and other habits is important to anyone who wants to make lasting lifestyle changes. [Read more…]

Independence, January Jeans & Flabby Underarms

6th December is the Independence Day in Finland, and it’s also a holiday in Finland. It’s quiet, cold and everything is covered in snow, and there isn’t much to do except watch the Independence Day Ball that is celebrated at the President’s Castle in the evening.

And if you’re wondering about the connection between the Independence Day in Finland and flabby underarms, there is one. [Read more…]