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Hard Facts About My Weight And Fitness

One plumped up wood cutter

To continue with my anti self-deception campaign, I decided to reveal some hard facts about my current weight loss and fitness. [Read more…]

Fitspiration from Michael Jordan

I wasn’t sure what to write today, so I decided to create a new fitspiration picture for Michael Jordan’s quote: [Read more…]

Three Dieting Mistakes That Make It Hard To Lose Weight

Denial is not acceptable!

Because my current ways of eating aren’t working (see why can’t I lose weight), I’m trying to establish new rules of eating and dieting that would actually allow me to lose weight. [Read more…]

Exercise Could Save Your Life

Exhausted AND alive

Exercise can save your life – in many ways. I want to share with you a remarkable story I just read in a book written by Keith Johnsgard.


The story is about a middle-aged American guy named Sam who was depressed, lonely and unemployed. [Read more…]

Testing Omron Fitness Gadgets

Ready to start testing!

I received two new fitness gadgets from Omron on Tuesday.

Some weeks ago I applied to become a “test person” for Omron’s CaloriScan monitor in Finland.  I also  got to test Omron’s body composition monitor BF511.

So now I’m finally going to find out if I’m half made of fat. The photos taken during my grandmother’s funeral revealed that at least I’m extremely well fed! [Read more…]