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Odd Results On A Cardiovascular Fitness Test


You may or may not recall, in October 2011 I tested my cardiovascular fitness using the UKK (Eurofit) walking test. According to the walking test score, my  cardiovascular fitness was average. I was a bit disappointed because I walked a lot – and I mean a lot – last year.

Yesterday I took the test again and the results were nothing short of mysterious. [Read more…]

Career Planning And “A Clothes Crisis”

My clothes don’t fit me anymore!

First about the clothes crisis!

I was preparing for my grandmother’s funeral and was wise enough to try on my usual funeral outfit – a black knee-length skirt and a black blouse – before the occasion. (There have been may during the last 4 years.)

It was bad news. [Read more…]

The Secret To Longevity?

Are you on the path to longevity?

What’s the secret of longevity – yogurt consumption, diligent exercise or your married state? [Read more…]

Last Week’s Exercise

It looks like I’m only posting my exercise when it has been a good week. Oh well.

Luckily, last week was reasonably good in terms of exercise. [Read more…]

My Big Weight Loss Excuse?

I’ve been thinking hard about my inability to lose weight.

Stress is usually the reason I offer when I think about my inability to get consistent results. [Read more…]