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Shoulder Mobility Exercises for Desk Workers

I was at a loss for what to write today, so I decided to publish one of Craig Ballantyne articles instead.  🙂

Craig Ballantyne is famous for his Turbulence Training program which I’ve tried too. (One of the best online training programs I’ve encountered because it actually has proper progressions).

From the four exercises Craig introduces below, I like the Stick-up most. It’s very good for the stiff shoulders. [Read more…]

Top 7 Motivational Exercise Quotes

I’ve been feeling a little blah lately – though not about exercise but life in general –  so I decided to make a list of motivational exercise quotes I really like. [Read more…]

Week 37 Exercise + Mini Challenge

Time to post last week’s exercise. (You might have noticed I haven’t posted week 36’s exercise – that is because I didn’t really do anything . I spent my week moping and listening to sad songs and wetting my keyboard with my tears.)

[Read more…]

Protein Fluff And Stuff

I stumbled upon some stuff on StumbleUpon this week I want to share with you.

Protein Fluff

I’m always open to try new recipes and foods, so when I found the ProteinFluff site with recipes I decided to give the fluff a try. Besides, I already had all the ingredients at home. Making a protein fluff is very simple – you simply whip up skim milk, protein powder and frozen berries with a mixer until it builds in volume (it will). [Read more…]

Best Home Exercise Equipment – My Top 3 List

I’ve been a dedicated home exerciser for the last 30 years. I’ve had boatloads of home exercise equipment from thigh masters, mini trampolines, dumbbells, yoga blocks, dyna disks, and Swiss balls to a Pilates ring.

It goes without saying that there have been both hits and misses among my long list of acquisitions. [Read more…]