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Satu’s Wordless Wednesday

Lately, I’ve been doing workouts that concentrate on strengthening my core . I found the following tip on Pinterest. My left leg is the weak leg.


Use If-Then Planning For Changing Your Lifestyle

changing your lifestyleChanging your lifestyle – losing weight, stopping smoking –  can be extremely demanding. [Read more…]

Satu’s Heart Healthy Weekend!

Bloggers' Healthy Heart WeekendA couple of weeks ago I signed up for Bloggers’ Healthy Heart Weekend hosted by Lori from Finding Radiance. The purpose of the challenge is to get the blogger’s butt off the chair (I think!) and force them to get some heart-healthy exercise.

I decided that my feat would be a really long walk, i.e. 10 000 steps measured by my Omron pedometer. Because I’m so short, that corresponds to a 5k walk.


After a couple of hours of dawdling I put on my clothes and headed out. For collecting evidence, I took my digital camera with me and took a shot of my pedometer when I started the walk and again when I ended the walk (I sent the shots to Lori).

Luckily the weather was excellent, 25 F and light drizzle. I would’ve preferred sunshine, but even without it, it was a very good walking weather – not too cold, not too hot and not slippery at all.

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Sensible Diet Fail

sensible diet fail

Haha. I just had an *interesting* experience with a “sensible diet”. Or perhaps a more fitting expression would be “experimenting with disciplined eating”.


Here’s some background.

I wanted to know how my attempt at intuitive eating has affected my weight, so I weighed myself a couple of weeks ago. I discovered I weigh 156 lbs, which is basically the same as five  months ago when I weighed 154 lbs.

I think that’s actually a good result, because I definitely ate all kinds of fattening foods in the beginning. Then in October and November I had a difficult time with all the stress and recurring migraine attacks, so I wasn’t very focused on healthy eating.  I could’ve done much worse.


Nevertheless, the problem was that I was/am really itching to start losing weight, so I decided to start eating in a more disciplined way. So I started tracking my foods with the help of a Finnish service.

Below are a couple of example shots from the service. Te text is in Finnish but you probably get the gist even without  translation. The green balls in the middle monitor the quality of the diet: the amount of veggies, the proportion/amount of fats and protein in the diet, treats (i.e. empty calories) and the amount of fiber in the diet etc. [Read more…]