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My Recap for Year 2011

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It’s time to recap year 2011!


When I look back, I can more or less neatly divide the year 2011 in three parts.

The first part of my year lasted from January to early June and it could be called “Going strong”. I became a regular exerciser and gained lots of extra energy. My moods improved and I even lost some weight, as witnessed by my weight loss progress photos.

The second phase of my year (“Becoming an intuitive eater”) started in June, when I admitted I’m not happy with my relationship to food and eating. Even though I was eating better than before, I often felt stressed out and spent too much time worrying about how healthy my diet is and whether I’m eating too little of this or too much of that.

I started reading about intuitive eating on the Internet and finally bought Tribole and Resch’s book on intuitive eating. I was tired of the dieting mentality, so I decided to give intuitive eating a try.

One of my biggest insights during this phase was that I can (learn to) trust my body when it comes to how much I eat and what I eat. I don’t need external diet rules to regulate my eating. Also, my diet doesn’t need to be perfect all the time [Read more…]

Nagging Won’t Motivate Healthy Habits

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I had an interesting discussion about healthy habits with my mom. For the umpteenth time, it started me puzzling over what does and does not motivate one to stick to healthy habits.

My claim is that nagging is an extraordinarily inefficient way to motivate healthy habits in anyone.


My interest was sparked by a discussion with my mom last week.

I was sitting at a table removing the remains of my old make up when my mother laughed at me (kindly!) and remarked how funny it is to see me remove make up in the morning. I readily admitted that I have this bad habit of not bothering to remove my make up in the evening*.

And I added  that my dental health needs improving too, because I don’t always brush my teeth in the evenings not to mention flossing them regularly.

Then we started wondering why some people stick to healthy habits and what motivates that. [Read more…]

Regaining My Motivation To Lose Weight And Exercise

I think it’s time to take stock of my situation and be honest about my fitness and weight loss goals.

The reason for my soul searching is that I’ve had a rough  couple of months in my life and I’ve fallen off the exercise wagon a bit. Not completely, but enough to feel discouraged and unhappy about myself. (What comes to weight loss, I seem to have lost my motivation entirely.)

I also want to know if I’m really doing things that help me lose weight and reach my fitness goals in the long run.


I think the biggest problem is that my mind has started playing tricks on me.

Lately, I often catch myself thinking like this:

  • “It doesn’t really matter if I skip exercise today. I’ll be more active tomorrow.“
  • “That workout is really boring and I’m busy anyway”. [Read more…]

Migraine-My New Stress-O-Meter?

Do you have a physical symptom like headache or stomach upset that is a sign you’re getting  stressed out and it’s time to slow down?

I think I actually have a fresh new stress-o-meter: migraine headaches! I have never had migraine headaches before, but suddenly this fall I’ve had several tête-à-têtes with them.  It’s and understatement to say I’m not very thrilled with my new burden, because it’s not so long ago when I suffered from chronic tension headaches.


But let’s talk about body types or physiques. I don’t know what to call them but I think there are different body types that react differently to external stimuli and stresses.

I have the kind of “oversensitive” physique that kindly informs me when something is even a little out of whack in my life. My physique reminds me of a fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen. In the fairy tale, the “real” princess was so sensitive she couldn’t sleep because she sensed a pea that was placed in hear bed even through 20 mattresses. [Read more…]

Constantly Tired? My Super Simple Cure

About six weeks ago I was feeling constantly tired, like some mysterious force had drained every drop of energy out of me.

And as if that wasn’t enough, I suffered from muscle pains and impending migraine attacks. That’s usually a sure-fire that sign my stress-o-meter is in the red!

I puzzled over my fatigue for a time, because I hadn’t spent longer days at work than usual but was still feeling tired and stressed out. And I had a nagging suspicion that there was (still is) something wrong with my lifestyle in general.

I searched the Internet and found an apt term for my condition  “quality-of-life shortage”  in an article about exhaustion cure. Light-bulb lit up in my brain and I realized that I wasn’t merely suffering from any garden-variety of shortage: I had the kind of quality of life shortage that is caused by excessive use of information technology.

Translation: too much screen-time. [Read more…]