Workout Clothes for Petite Plus Women

These long figure-hugging yoga pants are a big NONO.

For a couple of days I’ve been surfing the Internet looking for workout clothes for women.

Specifically, I was looking for workout clothes that would suit women who are built like me – women who are short and busty. 🙂


I have never been a great dresser like my younger sister Hanna, but I do like clothes and during the last 20+ years I’ve learned a thing or two about what not to wear.

The fact is I’m 5ft 1 inches (155cm) tall and weigh approximately 154lbs (70 kg), and most of the extra fat has been deposited on my upper body.

If you’re built like I am, you just can’t go and wear tight jeans that taper down and expect to look good – unless you like to look like an upside down bowling pin that is about to fall down…

That said, if I  didn’t have all that extra fat in my upper body I would probably be pretty well proportioned – but now I have that dreaded – and unhealthy – apple shape.

I chose the clothes in my collection based on  what I’ve learned from Susannah and Trinny and from my own observations. Also,  when I picked the clothes I tried to take into account the fact that you want to hide some disagreeable parts of  your anatomy like bat wings (I have huge ones) or spare tires.

A couple of rules for choosing workout clothes for women who are short and busty

  • No pants/bottoms that taper down – tight carrot-shaped, full-length pants are a big no-no
  • If you have “an ample bosom”, you need to wear tops that have open necklines – neck hugging thingies and turtle necks are out because they make your bosom look *huge”.

Below is a collection of tops, bottoms and other exercise clothes you want to use when you go to the gym or take a group class. Click on the product pictures to get more information about sizing and available colors.

Workout Tops


I especially love the Zella Short Sleeve Hoodie from Nordstrom. It’s perfect for women who have short arms and who want to cover their flabby underarms.

Workout pants / bottoms

[captionpix imgsrc=”” width=”170″ align=”left” theme=”Crystal” imglink=”” captiontext=”Chaturanga pants from Athleta”] [captionpix imgsrc=”” width=”170″ align=”right” theme=”Crystal” imglink=”,default,pd.html?cgid=Bottoms_Crops&dwvar_214259_color=LUCY%20BLACK” captiontext=”X-training knee pants from Lucy”]

For workot bottoms I have two options.

The Chaturanga pants form Athleta or the capri length x-training knee pants from Lucy. The Chaturanga pants are perfect because they flare at the ankle, and balancing the top-heavy look.

In the beginning, I put an example of the worst possible workout pants for a short and busty woman. 🙂

Knee-length tight capris are ok, but those figure-hugging long yoga pants that I featured in the beginning of this post are a kiss of death.

If you throw in a pair of Nike free trainers, you have a perfect outfit for a workout. 🙂