My Plan to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain


Christmas ham. Photo credit: Flckr / Qtea

Because I’m a committed member of the January Jeans 2013 Club I decided I need some kind of strategy to avoid holiday weight gain. [Read more…]

Independence, January Jeans & Flabby Underarms

6th December is the Independence Day in Finland, and it’s also a holiday in Finland. It’s quiet, cold and everything is covered in snow, and there isn’t much to do except watch the Independence Day Ball that is celebrated at the President’s Castle in the evening.

And if you’re wondering about the connection between the Independence Day in Finland and flabby underarms, there is one. [Read more…]

Hard Facts About My Weight And Fitness

One plumped up wood cutter

To continue with my anti self-deception campaign, I decided to reveal some hard facts about my current weight loss and fitness. [Read more…]

Three Dieting Mistakes That Make It Hard To Lose Weight

Denial is not acceptable!

Because my current ways of eating aren’t working (see why can’t I lose weight), I’m trying to establish new rules of eating and dieting that would actually allow me to lose weight. [Read more…]

My Big Weight Loss Excuse?

I’ve been thinking hard about my inability to lose weight.

Stress is usually the reason I offer when I think about my inability to get consistent results. [Read more…]