Weight Loss, Fitness and the Comfort Zone

If you’re trying to make a lifestyle change that involves weight loss and physical fitness, you can’t avoid hearing that you need to step out of your comfort zone to succeed. Everywhere I turn I hear the same message – you must step outside of your current comfort zone to get results. The undertone is that the farther you step, the better it is. [Read more…]

Why Reality Weight Loss Shows Are Bad for You

Many people say that shows like Biggest Loser and Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition inspire them to lose weight and eat healthier.

I beg to differ.young woman doing crunches

As you can read here and here, the reality behind those weight loss shows is rather murky. Dehydrating your body in an extreme way or popping diet pills is not exactly something I would recommend to anyone.

Also, how are you going to feel when you realize you’re not going to be able to reach the kind of weight loss results that the show participants are deemed to lose? [Read more…]

Two Tips for Weighing Yourself Without Losing Your Mind

ダイエット失敗Uh, how is your relationship with scales these days?

Are you afraid of weighing yourself because seeing the number might lead to drastic deterioration in you mood and self esteem? Do you ever start a binge just because the numbers aren’t what you expect to see? [Read more…]

New Set of Before And After Weight Loss Pictures

Like I mentioned in my perfectionism post, I’ve lost approximately 3.8kg (~ 8lb) in the last four months. I decided it’s time to take a new set of pictures so I can compare them to the last set of weight loss pictures form August.

I stopped taking my monthly comparison pictures because I was so pissed off with myself. I wasn’t losing any weight; I think I was actually regaining though it’s difficult to say because I started regularly weighing myself again in October. [Read more…]

Why bad moods and stress lead to diet slip-ups

woman lying on sofa and eating comfort foodsWeight loss and diet slip ups go hand in hand, but have you ever wondered why slip ups usually happen when you’re in a bad mood or under a lot of stress?

That it happens is hardly news to anyone who has ever dieted, including me.

I have no difficulty sticking to my diet at all – except when I’m very upset or stressed out. In that case I give up all attempts at healthy and productive behaviors and become one big chocolate-consuming, tv-watching slob. In the worst case my diet lapse can last as long as two weeks, so it also has long term consequences for my weight control. [Read more…]