The Confidence Gap – A book review

confidence-gap-bookI ordered Russ Harris’s book The Confidence Gap: A Guide to Overcoming Fear and Self-Doubt last September. I’ve read and reread parts of the book ever since and probably will do many times in the future when I need some reinforcement, so now is a high time to write a formal review.

I want to add that writing this blog post is actually a proof of the approach the book teaches – that you can do stuff even though you doubt yourself or you aren’t feeling particularly confident. [Read more…]

Satu’s Hoorag Review

hoorag head_407x417

All sweaty after a strength training workout

Before Christmas, Hoo-rag sent me one of their bandanas so I can test and review it.

I’ve been wearing the bandana for some time already, but was slow to publish the post. [Read more…]

Sitting Kills, Moving Heals Review

Some time ago, I received a review copy of Joan D. Vernikos’ book Sitting Kills, Moving Heals: How Simple Everyday Movement Will Prevent Pain, Illness and Early Death – and Exercise Alone Won’t.

I’ve been reading the book on and off for weeks and it has already had a positive effect on how willing I am to do household chores. 🙂


Joking aside, Sitting Kills, Moving Heals is a book about an important topic: the deleterious effect our sedentary lifestyle has on our health and our quality of life. [Read more…]

Satu’s Official Full-Body-Licious Review

Flavia's Full-Body-Licious Fitness ProgramThis is my official review on Flavia’s Full-Body-Licious fitness program.

I purchased Flavia’s program in June because I liked the fact that it is specifically designed for women (There are plenty of fitness programs presumably meant for both sexes, but I think they are usually targeted for men rather than women).

The other reason for getting the program is Flavia’s well-sculpted but feminine body (the kind I wouldn’t mind having myself) and likeable personality. (I hope likeable is a real word….).

Like the name says, Flavia’s program is a full-body fitness program that consists of five weekly workouts. Each workout lasts about an hour, and you can either do the workouts in the gym using gym equipment (probably easier) or you can do them at home. If you do the program at home, you need at least the following equipment:

1.    resistance band (with handles)
2.    set of dumbbells
3.    an exercise ball
4.    piece of sturdy furniture you can step up on.

Flavia’s Full-Body-Licious Program – An Inside Peek

I made a short desktop video to show you what you get if you purchase Flavia’s program. There are a couple of short peeks into actual workouts.


My Experience with Flavia’s Program

Time for the pros and cons!

I did like Flavia’s program, but there was one thing that made it frustrating: my fitness level just wasn’t high enough. Even though I tried my best and modified the program to suit my level, I got tired of struggling with the workouts.

Eventually I called it quits and decided to get back to the program after my fitness level has improved– that’s probably after I’ve reached my 10 military push ups goal. 🙂

What I did like about Flavia’s program is that it’s well-rounded: it exercises every body part and you’re unlikely to get bored because each workout is different. Also, there were plenty of new movements I haven’t seen anywhere else. My favorite was the “dumbbell curtsy” aka Reverse Lunge Cross with DB Raise.

* Also,I love the fact that even though Flavia’s program is designed for women in mind it doesn’t mean it’s some easy peasy program for folks who just want to lie on the  floor and take it easy. *

In a nutshell:  Do you want a kick-butt workout that gives you a well-sculpted but feminine body? Click here to get Flavia’s program.

HEM Ankle Rehab Review – How To Heal A Sprained Ankle Fast

hem ankle rehab systemAs you may remember, I sprained my ankle over two weeks ago. When I surfed on the Internet with my ankle bundled up and elevated on my desk (as per RICE instructions), I found Scott Malin’s ebook H.E.M Ankle Rehab System and purchased it.

I’m glad I did!

The HEM Ankle Rehab book is one of those purchases where you get more than you expect. It’s actually two books: a rehabilitation program for ankle sprains and a prehab program for building strong and stable ankles. The pdf is all of 160 pages with lots of detailed pictures and instructions.

According to Scott Malin, the problem with R.I.C.E. protocol is that it’s slow, ineffective and outdated.  The HEM ebook presents an alternative treatment for ankle injuries.

It has three parts – the first two have instructions for treating the swelling, pain and stiffness associated with the sprain.  The third part consists of rehabilitation exercises for the ankle, including mobility, balance and strengthening movements.


I started applying the HEM program on my left ankle on the second day after my sprain and it really speeded the recovery process. Usually after the sprain your ankle is stiff as a board and painful even weeks after the injury. With the H.E.M protocol, I got rid of most of my stiffness in a few days and was able to start with the rehab exercises on the third day after the sprain.

ankle mobility exercise from hem ankle rehabI was walking normally at the end of the first week and returned to Flavia’s workout program on Monday.

I’m almost done with the rehab exercises in the first part of the book and will move on to the more demanding prehab exercises. I’m going to continue with the prehab program till my ankles are better than they were before my sprain. 🙂


Let me remind you again why it is so important to rehabilitate your ankle after even a small ankle sprain. In Scott Malin’s words:

But there is a more serious problem with R.I.C.E. that goes beyond the slow healing rate. It sets you up for many future ankle and potentially more serious injuries. You see, with the initial injury, you’ve weakened the ligaments around the ankle joint and they will now be much more susceptible to injury with much less provocation. In addition, scar tissue develops which inhibits a healthy range of motion in the ankle joints. So, if you do not specifically rehabilitate the ankle joint by strengthening and mobilizing it, you will be much more susceptible to injuries to the knees and hips. (p. 7, emphasis mine).

In other words, if you don’t want to end up a serial ankle sprainer like me, you had better do something about it!

If you want to know how to heal a sprained ankle fast, click here to grab your piece of HEM Ankle Rehab book.

Best Wishes,