Hobbies and interests keep your mind in working order


Just a short note today.

Old minds are like old horses; you must exercise them if you wish to keep them in working order.

When I saw the quote from John Adams and thought: “That’s exactly what my new hobbies do to my (middle-aged) mind: they keep it in working order”.

After I started salsa and choir singing in September I’ve wondered how I was able to survive without proper hobbies for so long. [Read more…]

First step in resolving body image issues

morning portrait of beautiful girl in green fieldFor a couple of months, I’ve been wondering whether I ought to do something (proactive) about my body image issues or not.

Is my negative body image going to vanish when my weight problem takes care of itself?

I’m a bit skeptical about it.

The first reason is that having a negative self image is independent of how you actually look. [Read more…]

Mindfulness and commitment

commitment-quoteI wasn’t in the mood (sic!) for writing today, so I decided to share a great quote on commitment by Sammy Davis, Jr. :

You always have two choices: your commitment versus your fear.

I think one could also say: You always have two choices: your commitment versus your  convenience OR your commitment versus “pick your word of choice”. [Read more…]

Should vs self-compassion

december-focusAs you may remember, self-compassion was my December focus. I set out to ask myself how I could treat myself kindly every day. Unfortunately I was so busy and stressed out much of the time that I had little energy left to write about the topic.

Even though I wasn’t able to give the topic my full attention I made a couple of interesting observations. [Read more…]

The impossibility of mindful eating for weight loss?

Woman sucking her fingerToday’s post was inspired by Diane Carbonell’s recent post on mindful eating and weight loss. I’m inclined to think that mindful eating for weight loss is possible, but not easy or simple.

Let me explain.

I started brushing up my mindfulness skills in September and since that time I’ve had a couple of experiences that I think are very relevant to the topic of learning to eat mindfully. [Read more…]