Rest & Recreation Weekend

black bean brownie with raspberry toppingAnother quiet weekend.

I must be stressed out indeed! Yesterday morning I woke up late and checked the news. When I read a story of a couple who has traveled around the world since 2004, I  started dreaming of a vagabond lifestyle (leaving behind the rat race…).  I decided it’a a good idea to take another weekend “off”.

Mostly I’ve just slept, watched  movies and tried a couple of new recipes. Yesterday I made myself roasted curried cauliflower (yummy!) and today I  baked black bean brownies (sans chocolate chips) for the first time. I’ve wanted to try them ever since I heard that kind of recipe – beans in a brownie! – exists

I was surprised at how tasty and filling the brownies are, but I have to admit I like the raw brownie batter better than the end result. 🙂 I enjoyed my brownies with a raspberry topping.

Exercise-wise, I’m on a maintenance mode. I try to take at least one long walk per day, but have no energy to do anything extra like swing my kettlebells or do some other form of strength training. I’ve also done four Feldenkrais lessons and manipulated my trigger points every day to get rid of my muscle tensions.


I also spent some quality time planning a wardrobe for my little niece’s barbie dolls. Lots of pink, satin and lace,  I think! 🙂