Exercise-number one priority?


What do you mean, I have to get off this couch tomorrow?!

There are many things that are necessary for our mental and physical well-being. Food, sleep, water, shelter, human relationships, and movement (“exercise”) are some of them.

They are our top priorities, even though we probably don’t pay them much – or any –  attention unless we have trouble acquiring enough of them. [Read more…]

Does your free time replenish you?

excited woman watching tvThe above title may appear like an innocent question, but answering it truthfully may be embarrassing and thought-provoking at the same time.

As you may remember, I wrote about changing my mood by changing my behavior two weeks ago. I remember thinking that if I spent the rest of my day watching television and reading I would feel better.

In other words, I assumed that watching television) is some kind of “quality time”. [Read more…]

Doing exercise rehab for low back pain..

Fat Workout Lady Isolated on WhiteI started an exercise rehab program for low back pain a few weeks ago.

Because of that, I’ve needed all the patience I can muster to stick to the program. Both things make it very relevant to my happiness project and especially two of my September resolutions – “Get relief from pain” and “Act enthusiastic”. [Read more…]

Physical Infirmity – Aging or Neglect?

Five years ago, before I really started investing my time on improving my fitness, I often thought that getting old is going to be intolerable.

I already suffered from chronic tension headaches and constant pains and aches in my shoulders, neck and low back. I got up in the morning in pain and I went back to sleep the same way. I simply couldn’t imagine how I could still be working at age 50. [Read more…]

Challenge: Staying Mindful Under Stress

Angry businesswoman ready to hit an alarm clockI believe that the single hardest challenge in today’s (work) life is staying mindful under stress.  It’s certainly a big challenge for me because I’m not very good at dealing with stress.

During a stressful period I typically drop my self care routines for a while. [Read more…]