My Easy DIY Standing Desk

diy standing desk

My not very elegant but very usable standing desk 🙂

As you can see from the picture, I now have a (DIY) standing desk. What’s even better, it didn’t cost me a dime! All I needed was some ingenuity and a couple of pieces of exercise equipment.

The only drawback is that it requires some effort from my part to convert my standing desk back to a sitting desk.

Lack of style might called another drawback, but I don’t really mind it as long I feel better. 🙂 [Read more…]

Three Simple Ergonomics Tips for Tablet and Smartphone Users

Young woman looking at modern tabletNot so long ago I was in a restaurant with a friend when we ended up discussing the ergonomics of smartphone and tablet devices. My friend had just visited her doctor to complain about her increased neck pain and aches in her left wrist and forearm.

The culprit was her new Nokia Lumia smart phone. The doctor had remarked that holding your arms elevated for long periods of time to be able to use the smart phone creates considerable strain for the neck muscles. [Read more…]

Can You Still Have Bad Posture With Good Computer Ergonomics?

Posture collapse

Today I’m publishing a guest post article by Dr. Natalie Cordova.

She is writing about an issue I’ve quietly been wondering about for some time.

How much of our poor posture and muscular aches and pains are caused by poor ergonomics?  How much of it is caused by poor muscular (especially core) strength? I don’t touch a laptop without using an external monitor and keyboard, but I still suffer from pains and aches. I think that is partly because I simply don’t have the strength to maintain my good posture for a very long time.

An hour or a little longer perhaps, then my posture collapses.

But now it’s Dr. Cordova’s turn. [Read more…]

Four Must Have Ergonomic Gadgets Aimed At Office Workers

Today’s guest post is from Missy Diaz who writes about some must have ergonomic gadgets for office workers. You should definitely check the Mashable infographic about “how sitting all day is killing us”!


Office workers now a days have a myriad of cool gadgets to choose from in order to make their office stations as comfortable and ergonomic as possible. The right office equipment, tools and furniture can make the difference between a passable eight hour workday and one that seems to last forever and gets you home with a series of aches and pains.

Make no mistake about it, if your office station set up is lacking in comfort – your body will notice it and fast. As BodyCapabe is all about the right environment and tools for your comfort,  I highlight four fun ergonomic gadgets for office workers that you might be interested in – should you need an office makeover or simply are in need of comfort. [Read more…]

Laptop Ergonomics – Rolling Computer Bag To The Rescue

kensington overnight laptop roller bag

Kensington overnight laptop roller bag for up to 17″ screens

I bought my first laptop more than a year ago, and traveling with it is definitely one of my least favorite things to do.

That’s especially true when I take a longer trip: carrying even a light 15” laptop computer in a messenger bag along with other luggage is a hassle I don’t look forward to. And I’m not a person who travels lightly. 🙂

Buying an iPad or a netbook wouldn’t solve the problem, because I need to be able to do my work which requires more from my computer than being able to read and answer occasional emails and surf the net.

And because I’m stickler to ergonomics, I like to carry an external keyboard with me – once I even stuck my full-size keyboard in my luggage because I didn’t want to use the keyboard that comes with a laptop.


Carrying your laptop in a messenger bag is not ergonomically the best solution, but nor is carrying it in a backpack designed for laptops. [Read more…]