Can’t do push ups? How to build strength for them.

push up challenge

This is what I aim for – I’m going to leave out the neck crane though.

Lauren Brooks published a post about doing proper (military) push ups after pregnancy or abdominal surgery. It’s a useful post for anyone who lacks core strength but wants to work toward real push ups.

Because I can’t do push ups myself I was especially interested in Lauren’s tips. [Read more…]

Feeling guilty about not exercising enough?

Prisoner in striped uniform on white

Doing time.

Last Friday I participated in my first ever Twitter chat hosted by Carla Birnberg and Roni Noone. The topic of the chat was the #wycwyc principle: (doing) what you can, when you can.

During the chat there was an interesting discussion about the #wycwyc concept, all or nothing thinking and the feeling of guilt that is often associated with exercise.  I’m occasionally prey to those feelings myself and that’s why the discussion stuck in my memory. [Read more…]

February focus: More movement, less exercise

february-focus-moveJanuary is  over and I’ve chosen a new focus for February.

My January focus was #wycwyc – doing what I can, when I can. I applied the “wickwick” principle to incorporate more exercise in my daily life, cleaning my home and getting things done immediately – instead of just thinking about doing stuff.

Tackling things immediately was perhaps the most important achievement to me.

What comes to my February focus, it’s almost a continuation to the wycwyc principle. In February, my goal is to add more movement and more movement variety to my daily life. I got the inspiration from Katy Bowman’s article This year, exercise less on and from reading other posts on her blog. [Read more…]

Fit Mom revisited

Faltige Hand einer seniorin

Here is how we all end up if we live long enough.

Do you still remember the Fit Mom / Maria Kang furor?

For those who aren’t in the know – Fit Mom/Maria Kang is a fitness blogger who presumably posted her image on her Facebook page to shame other moms for not looking like her just months after giving birth.

Later on, I read another blogger’s – Taryn Brumfitt’s – post on the topic: Fit mom: this is my excuse. Taryn Brumfitt posted a series of unorthodox before and after photos where she goes from a bikini fitness body to “a normal weight, average mom” body (my words). [Read more…]

My week: salsa and strength workouts

salsaope - Copy

This young guy is our salsa teacher.

After a long break, salsa and choir both started this week. On top of that I finally began my “super training” workouts on Wednesday. 🙂

I started easy – I only did two strength training workouts this week.

Next week I’m going to increase my workouts to three and  after another week or two I’m going to add two short metabolic intervals to the mix. [Read more…]