Exercise Hero Interview: Gordon the OldRunningFox

Gordon poised for action. :-)

Gordon poised for action. 🙂

It’s been a long time since I’ve published another Exercise Hero Interview, so it was about time I got this out. 🙂

This time I interviewed a runner called Gordon (from the United Kingdom) who keeps a blog named Run for Your Life. He is also the first male Exercise Hero in the series. 🙂

What is remarkable about Gordon is that he started running at age 54 and is still running at age 80. And he’s  not only running, he is still winning races.  [Read more…]

Meet Exercise Hero Aimee aka Amazing In Motion :-)

Aimee is a marathoner

I’m glad to finally introduce you to the fourth Real-Life Exercise Hero – Aimee of “Amazing in Motion” fame. 🙂 Aimee belongs to the slighly intimadating group of atheletes  (intimidating in my mind)- marathoners – even though she claims she started as a non-runner.

I absolutely love the name of Aimee’s blog and also her tagline which says: “I’m a mom, a wife, a nurse and now I’m a runner…catch me if you can!”  🙂

I also found it especially inspiring how Aimee takes pains to schedule exercise into her busy life as a mom, wife and employee.

But read for yourself.



Why did you start exercising? How long did it take before you started liking it?

I feel like I’ve always tried to incorporate exercise into my life because I’ve been overweight for as long as I can remember. Exercise for me was always associated with attempting to lose weight.

I joined the gym about 9 years ago. At that time walking and light strength training were my main forms of exercise. I love to walk and I could walk quickly for long periods of time. I would be diligent for a time and then I would slack off for days at a time. It was always difficult to start again. [Read more…]

Introducing Real-Life Exercise Hero Lori Kimble

Lori flexing her biceps before the triathlon.

Welcome to the third interview in the Exercise Hero series.

My series features real-life  persons who have morphed from coach potatoes to exercise heros who can be a source of inspiration for the rest of us.

My interviewee is Lori Kimble (43)  from New York, USA. She has an impressive list of exercise-related accomplishments behind her, including a triathlon, duathlon and several 5K races. AND she can do chin ups!


Why did you start exercising? How long did it take before you started liking it?  I went through a few periods of exercise. I was doing Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds videos and using our Bowflex at home.  I had tried running, but I approached it wrong and hated it the first time around.  It wasn’t until I did the Couch to 5K that I figured out it wasn’t all or nothing.  I also found a bike that fit me that was a hybrid and I began biking a lot, which became more and more fun for me.

What is your favorite form of exercise?  Biking far and away is my favorite, favorite exercise! I don’t even think of it as exercise. Fitness is just a bonus from the fun I have. [Read more…]

Meet Real-life Exercise Hero Marion Shaw

Welcome to the second interview in the Exercise Hero series.

Exercise Hero Series features real people who have transformed themselves from coach potatoes to exercise heros who can inspire the rest of us.

This time I feature one of my favorite fitness bloggers, Marion Shaw (43), from Wisconsin, USA.

Marion calls herself  “Girl Monster” and I sometimes call her “Marion the Amazon”. 🙂 That is because she’s able to do 160 lb bench presses and uses 40 lb dumbbells for bicep curls.


Why did you start exercising? How long did it take before you started liking it?

I started exercising about 3 weeks before my 39th birthday because I was actually scared of the poor physical shape I was in while heading towards my 40th birthday. During this time in my life, I cried about how fat I was quite often. I was not doing anything more than short walks, while eating way too much junk food each day. (In my 30’s, it was not unusual for me to drink 5 cans of soda pop along with candy each day.)

I decided that I was going to give myself the best 40th birthday present ever– a fit healthy body. And I did!

I was a paying member of the gym for about 2 years before I actually started going regularly. At that point in time, I absolutely hated going to the gym, probably because I went to the gym often enough to get very sore, but never enough to overcome that soreness and get in shape. [Read more…]

Meet Angie Newton – A Real-Life Exercise Hero

Welcome to the very first “Exercise Hero” Interview.

I’m always intrigued and inspired by people who at some point in their lives have transformed from couch potatos to real-life exericise heros who can be role-models to us all.

I decided that interviewing is a perfect way to pick out their brains and (hopefully) learn the secret to their success. 🙂

My first interviewee is my fitness blogging buddy Angie Newton from Illionis, USA. Enjoy!


Why did you start exercising? How long did it take before you started liking it?

I started exercising to lose weight. I liked it immediately because I chose things I would have the most fun doing. No sense in doing workouts that aren’t fun!

What is your favorite form of exercise?

My favorite form of exercise is all types of boxing (kickboxing, shadow, Muay Thai,etc). Next on the list would be Walk Away the Pounds workout videos and I really enjoy the elliptical. [Read more…]