I started Bodycapable partly to answer the question:

“How can you stay fit, healthy and pain-free  in a world where you spend much of your time glued to a computer / television / car / desk?”

I’m writing this blog from a perspective of self-interest. 🙂

I’m a 43-year-old researcher and overall sedentary person from Finland, Northern Europe. For over ten years, I suffered from chronic tension headaches and various musculoskeletal pains and aches in my neck, shoulders and low back. I also developed a stubborn knee pain that didn’t go away and effectively prevented me from exercising.

I really, really hated the achy, unfit and depressed blob I was turning into before my very own eyes. So I decided to do something about it.


What can you expect to read here?

I mostly write about ways of moving, exercising and working that allow you to enjoy a healthy, fit and balanced lifestyle without (completely) giving up the trappings of modern lifestyle (I’m certainly not going to give up my Amazon Kindle!).

If you are a sedentary office worker interested in getting fit, healthy, energetic and pain-free (without crash diets and pill popping), Bodycapable is for you.

I also write about my personal lifestyle struggles (I mean experiments) and interesting pieces of fitness equipment and exercise programs I come across.


What have I learned?

I’m still a blob, but I’ve indeed found some things that work for me.

I keep my tension headaches and muscle pains in check with Feldenkrais Method. I haven’t popped pills, visited a massage therapist or osteopath for more than 2,5 years (just think about how much money I’ve saved).

My left knee doesn’t prevent me from exercising anymore (even though I wouldn’t call it perfect). One of my recent discoveries is pedometer walking: I have carried a pedometer with me for over 6 months and it’s starting to pay off.

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