Workout Journal Week #49

Thank God, I didn’t have any “easy” days last week. 🙂

My workouts: I did Sansone’s walking workouts three times a week and strength trained once a week. My last week’s average was 8348 steps,  which is more than usual. On the negative side, I’m not happy with my strength training schedule. I should train at least two times a week, not just once.

My regular exercise regimen has started yielding results. I have  noticed that my aerobic fitness has improved, it’s definitely easier to do Sansone’s walking workouts.

Future plans: The year is nearing its end and I’m already planning what to do in 2011. I’m going to follow the official NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis) plan as it is laid out in James A. Levine’s book Move a Little, Lose a Lot. The program lasts 8 weeks and it focuses on increasing everyday physical activity. Following the program is requires drastic changes to my daily habits, so it’s the only thing I’m planning at the moment.

Note on weight loss progress


I have noticed that my stomach is flatter and my waist a lot thinner than when I started using a pedometer two months ago. It’s first time I would love to show some numbers, but because I don’t weigh myself and haven’t bothered taking any measurements, I have nothing to show. 🙁

One reason I haven’t bothered measuring myself is because I tried taking tape measurements before, but the numbers kept changing all the time, so I eventually gave up. If you’re forced to take your measurements yourself, it’s difficult to measure waist or arms at exactly the same spot every time. (Unless you tattoo some marks on your skin or something).

I was surfing on Amazon the other day when I discovered  someone has already solved my measuring problem. I stumbled upon MyoTape Body Tape Measure. It’ has been specifically designed for taking accurate measurements of body parts.

It’s only $6.48, so I’m going to get it when I next order books from Amazon.


There are lots and lots of snow in Southern Finland at the moment. If I had skis, I would ski cross-country at least every other day! 🙂