Three Wellness And Fitness Gift Ideas For Christmas 2010

It’s Christmas soon, so I spent some time  thinking about what would be my top three fitness or welness related gift recommendations for Christmas 2010. I chose my Christmas gift picks so that they won’t break the bank.

#1 Fitness Gift Idea – Omron Hj-113 Pocket Pedometer

Number One was really a no-brainer. Buying a good pedometer was my best fitness related purchase in 2010. It’s been responsible for my increasing energy levels and shrinking waist for the last 8 weeks. I believe it’s successful because it’s so simple and gives immediate feedback on your daily activity (and inactivity).

According to what I have been reading lately, pedometers have been very successful in helping people increase their daily physical acitivity.

So if you need a gift that’s good for you and your loved ones’ health, buy yourself a proper pedometer. Check also my review on Omron Hj-113 Digital Pedometer.

#2: Essential Reading For People Interested In Health and Fitness

My second pick is James A. Levines book Move a Little, Lose a lot.

The book  has completely changed the way I think about exercise and physical activity.  It’s essential reading for anyone who has a desk job and is constatly struggling with weight issues.  There are other ways than dieting to lose your extra pounds and get a better quality of life as a side effect!

P.S. The book comes with a eight week plan I intend to start following in mid-January 2011. If you’d like to join me, please send me a message using my contact form.

#3: Wellness Gift Idea – If You Want To Pamper Yourself

My wellness gift idea is HoMedics Therapist Select SP-10HD  Shiatsu Pillow.

When I used to suffer from chronic tension headaches and pains in my neck and shoulder muscles, I often wished I had married a massage therapist! 🙂 I wouldn’t mind enjoying this gift today either.

If you have no access to your personal massage therapist and still need someone to relieve tension and pain in your neck, shoulder and back muslces, get the HoMedics Shiatsu Pillow.

You just place the pillow under your body and let the massage heads knead your muscles. Some reviewers say that the pillow is even better than the actual massge cushions HoMedics sell.

Best wishes,