Workout Journal Week #47

I was really glad I could get back to normal after spending almost a week in bed! Below are my daily steps for week 47. My average for the week was 8030 steps, which is about the same it was before my illness.

I’m happy to report that I have had no difficulty keeping my daily steps over 5000 (below 5000 steps a day is a definition for sedentary lifestyle).



What is comes to “official exercise”, I did Leslie Sansone’s two-mile walk 2 times last week plus took one 30 minute walk.  Weather has turned really cold in Southern Finland ( it was -17 Celsius or 1 Fahreheit just a moment ago), so I’ll probably be doing lots of  Sansone’s walking workouts for the time being.

Cold weather is actually not so bad as long as it’s not so cold that your face starts to freeze when you walk. 🙂 Anything else can be handled with proper clothing.

I devised myself a short strength training and stretching program I try to do as often as possible. It consists of  lunges, squats, isometric core exercises, upper and lower-back extensions plus some upper body stengthening exercises (like plank) . The purpose of the program is to counteract all the sitting I do during the day.