101 Days of Summer: second week wrap-up

My second week has been ok. I have exercised and done 4 Feldenkrais lessons. I have even eaten sensibly and moderately, and I certainly feel a little bit lighter.

  • knee strengthening program x2
  • 30 min walk
  • 45 min joint mobility drill
  • 4 x Feldenkrais lesson

The only problem is that I only did my knee rehabilitation program 2 times instead of three.  For some reason the pain in my left knee was aggravated, and I did not want to make it worse. Now I wonder what caused the pain and what movements I should do differently or perhaps leave out. Bloody knee! If I did not have this knee problem, I could do whatever I wanted for exercise!

I also prepared my first new dish. I had chosen Biz’ Best Buffalo Chicken Chili to experiment with, and it was a good choice, because it was very easy to prepare. The chili is delicious and very filling,  it must be all the beans. I have enough chili to last for the next 3 days. 🙂A bowl of Best Buffalo Chicken Chili

I think I’m going to prepare the chili for my parents when I go home on vacation. My father is going to love it, because he loves hot and spicy foods.


I wonder if the weight loss strategy I have chosen will be successful. I haven’t  bothered counting calories or even kept a food diary, and that might become a problem in future, when I have other things to think about. Hmm.

Next week I will be attending  a conference for a couple of days. I have no idea what kind of food the conference venue is going to serve, maybe I should think of some kind of contingency plan before that.