Workout Journal Week #43

Exercise wise, last week was a good week. According to my Heiaheia training log, I exceeded my weekly goal of 3 hours of exercise by 17 %! That is the first time I reached 3 hours of exercise.

  1. Mon: 30 min walk  & 40 min of Turbulence training
  2. Thu: 30 min walk
  3. Sat: 30 min walk
  4. Sun: 40 min walk & 40 min strength training

The following chart shows the daily steps I took and my weekly average.

On average, I didn’t take as many steps than the week before. That’s because I decided to work at home so I didn’t get the “extra” steps I would have gotten if I had had to walk around the city center. My weekly average was 8014, which means I was “somewhat active”.

From now on, my goal is  to take 5000* steps a day, minimun. I strive to keep my weekly awerage in the range 5000 – 7499, which corresponds to low activity. If I can get higher than that, it’s a bonus!

*Less than 5000 steps means sedentary lifestyle.