How to Heal a Runner’s Knee -#2

This post is a continuation to my earlier post on my struggles with knee pain. In that post I mentioned I was following Bart Anderson’s program for rehabilitating a runner’s knee. Here is my review on Anderson’s program.

Review on Bart Anderson’s Patella Femoral Solutions

I purchased the pfs guide when I was very frustrated and had suffered from knee problems for a year. For some reason I hesitated a lot before I purchased the e-book, but now I’m glad I did!

Patella Femoral Solutions is written by Bart Anderson (MS, certified athletic trainer) who has ten years of experience of successful treatment of the patella femoral syndrome (his words). The guide is a 46-page downloadable document (pdf file) meant for people who suffer from anterior knee pain (pain in front of the knee). It describes a comprehensive 4-level exercise program for rehabilitating a runner’s knee.

For a sedentary person in a poor shape, the program offers a good overall workout! The program consists of a set of mobility, strengthening and balancing exercises like hip flexor and hamstring stretches, knee wiggles (!), squats, lunges and elastic band walks to mention just a few. (My favorite exercise is the core engaged leg lift.) All of the exercises are accompanied with clear written instructions and pictures with extra guidance.

For equipment, you need at least one elastic band and a stability ball to do the exercises. In my opinion you can probably substitute the stability ball with some padded chair or sofa.


I don’t have a lot to complain about the guide, except that the program would be even better, if it had accompanying video examples of right and wrong ways of doing some of the exercises. I think it’s especially important for leaning to perform squats and lunges in good form.


To summarize my own experience, my knee has improved considerably since I started following the program.

I still have occasional twinges of pain in my left knee, but they don’t prevent me from participating in normal physical activities and exercise. I suspect that my loose left ankle might be the culprit, so I’m now working on increasing the stability of my left ankle.

My tips for using the program to get maximum benefit:

  • Don’t give up on the program too soon. It took me for weeks to start experiencing results. Also check that you do all the exercises in good form.
  • Adapt the program to your personal needs. Because the left side of my pelvis is much tighter than the right, I used extra time to stretch my left side.
  • If possible, have someone else check you do the exercises in good form.


Click here to get your copy of Patella Femoral Solutions.