Testing, testing

2010-03-21_1427-61(3).jpgLast week or so has been a time for medical tests.

I went to see a doctor a couple of weeks ago and she ordered a slew of tests including complete blood work, mammogram (after she examined my brea*ts) and a pap test.  I don’t have any new ailments in addition to my old ones but it’s been almost 5 years since I was tested thoroughly, so I was happy to comply.

I went to the mammogram today. The test was brief and somewhat amusing: the nurse spent quite a time positioning my breasts in the correct pose for the mammogram. Then my breasts were squished between two plates, twice. Ouch.

I asked the nurse how they manage to test women with very small b*easts and she admitted it’s difficult – they have to stretch the skin quite a lot to get the breast in the desired position and it can be painful. Well thank god for my ample bosom! 🙂 The nurse also told I have dense breasts, whatever that means.

I got my bloodwork done on Friday, but haven’t yet gone to the pap test yet. The pap test is my least favorite test so I’ve been postponing it.


I don’t feel especially cancerous or ill but can’t help wondering a bit. What if something is wrong?

What if I have diabetes, fatty liver or breast cancer or all of them? The nurse told me that if the radiologist sees something interesting in the radiograph, someone will call me and ask me to go to an ultrasound. Otherwise I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to get the results.


Other than that it’s been business as usual.

I did some work last week, singed and danced etc. On Friday I spent a couple of hours in the main library (way bigger than my local library) and borrowed 8 books. I went to bed with the books, but had to admit it was a bit too much even for me so I moved four of the books on the floor beside my bed.

None of the books was very exciting. I think I’m going to return most of them soon. 🙂

What was the highlight of your past week?