Hobbies and interests keep your mind in working order


Just a short note today.

Old minds are like old horses; you must exercise them if you wish to keep them in working order.

When I saw the quote from John Adams and thought: “That’s exactly what my new hobbies do to my (middle-aged) mind: they keep it in working order”.

After I started salsa and choir singing in September I’ve wondered how I was able to survive without proper hobbies for so long.

I suppose surviving isn’t really an  issue but thriving may be. Many people give up their hobbies and interests because they are so busy and there are more “important” things to do, but I think the price of neglecting our hobbies and interests is too high. You end up with one-sided personality.

I realized what I’d lost only after I started salsa dancing and singing in September.

My mind was a stagnant, smelly pool of water and my new hobbies are a nourishing and  refreshing rain. Now I’m like a wizened plant that is guzzling water after a long drought.

I remember having the same kind of passionate attitude toward ballet in my late teens. Now I realize how important it is to have “facets of you” that are completely independent of your working self or your family.  I’m not just my job or my close relationships, I have multiple parts that have nothing to do with those things.