Can’t do push ups? How to build strength for them.

push up challenge

This is what I aim for – I’m going to leave out the neck crane though.

Lauren Brooks published a post about doing proper (military) push ups after pregnancy or abdominal surgery. It’s a useful post for anyone who lacks core strength but wants to work toward real push ups.

Because I can’t do push ups myself I was especially interested in Lauren’s tips.

I think my problem is caused mostly by my weak core and overactive upper trapezius, which means that if I load too much weight on my upper body I will get bad headaches afterward. I can’t proceed to military straight ahead and need a more gradual approach.

The proper push ups video shows you the correct push up technique and modifications for people who can’t do to do full push ups. The modified push ups are basically incline push ups done on elevated surfaces or what Lauren calls “moving planks”.

Proper push ups video:

If your core is really weak after pregnancy or surgery, you may need to start with mini planks to build your core strength. That is what I do, even though I can’t blame my lack of core strength for childbirth. I blame it on my  sedentary lifestyle.

Mini plank video:

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