Fitness Inspiration from Roni Noone

roni-noone-graphicToday is a good time for sharing some fitness inspiration, so I created a graphic out of the Roni Noone quote that resonated the most with me in the beginning of January.

The quote is from Roni Noone’s blog post re the #wycwyc challenge:

We live messy lives and those who stop waiting for perfect are the ones who reach their goals. ~Roni Noone

It’s the *perfect* quote for all perfectionists who have a tendency to wait for circumstances to be just right before taking action. 🙂

Update on the #wycwyc challenge

I’ve done many #wycwyc things during the last two weeks, here’s a short list:

  • I took the rubbish out (and gained 500 steps on my step counter) instead of waiting for the next day
  • I cleaned my kitchen counter yesterday
  • I walked the long route to the mall
  • I have washed my dishes (instead of just thinking about washing them!) MANY times
  • I have tried my best to be mindful whilst washing my dishes

One of the hardest things about the challenge has been that I don’t always remember that I could take advantage of the opportunity for immediate action. I think that’s because I defined the #wycwyc actions so broadly – perhaps too broadly. If I had told myself to take advantage of all opportunities to move or take some positive action it would’ve been easier.

It’s a good reminder that you have a better chance at success if you define the target actions as explicitly and concretely as possible.

Guess what I have been the most thrilled about? The fact that I’m learning to take action instead of waiting! I’m very happy every single time I do the dishes immediately instead of postponing it.

To me it’s a sign that I’m learning to live in the here-and-now instead of the la-la land created by my thoughts.

In past when I said to myself that I should wash the dishes, my autopilot mind’s answer was that “I don’t feel like washing the dishes right now”. Now I remind myself that it doesn’t get any easier or better if I wait. Then I wash the dishes. 🙂


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