My January focus – do what you can when you can #wycwyc

january-focus-wycwycAfter I read Mizfit’s December post about the wycwyc principle it was clear to me it would be my January 2014 theme.  Wycwyc stands for the maxim “(Do) what you can when you can”.

As far as I know blogger Roni Noone was the one who created the Twitter hashtag and started the #wycwyc challenge.

According to Roni:

This is an inclusive challenge that meets people where they are. I want to inspire you to take advantage of the small moments you have throughout the day. No more waiting until you “join a gym” or “lose so much weight” or “have more time.”

No more waiting for everything to be perfect. We live messy lives and those who stop waiting for perfect are the ones who reach their goals.

It’s the last sentence – “We live messy lives and those who stop waiting for perfect are the ones who reach their goals” – that resonates most powerfully with me.

You can apply the maxim in any area of your life, not just being physically active. Carla gives examples of  applying it to anything and everything from parenting to fiction writing to exercising. That’s the way I’m going to use it myself.

In some areas of my life it’s already in use – I mean the “little and often” method of house cleaning I’ve practiced since September.

Actually, I’m going to apply #wycwyc to writing this post too – I’m not going to polish it to death or spend hours thinking how I could make it better. It has to make do the way it is.

My Christmas Doings

I’ve been away from my blog for a couple of weeks. I enjoyed spending the Christmas Eve with my sister’s  family in her house. I was super excited because for the first time ever, traditional Finnish Christmas casseroles (carrot, potato, rutabaga and perhaps liver) weren’t part of the Christmas Eve dinner. Nor was I forced to consume those casseroles whilst staying with my parents. (The casseroles are actually ok, but for the modern palate they are pretty bland and a cause for flatulence. )

Besides, I got three (3) almonds in my porridge which means this year must be really good for me.

Anyway, the highlight of my Christmas was of spending time with my little nieces. Because I got fever on the day Siiri and Iiris stayed with my parents house I got to be a patient while Siiri acted as a doctor and Iiris was a nurse (she later became patient too). That was a good play because I got to lay under a blanket in a bed and ask for things.

Yet, of all the things we did my favorite is co-authoring a fairy tale together with Siiri. It’s a story about pretty fairies and a hideously ugly witch with a scarlet nose tip.  I think we’ll write and illustrate more fairy tales in future. 🙂

All in all, it was a very “successful” Christmas even though I didn’t have time to teach anyone salsa and I spent a couple of days in bed alternately sweating, alternately shivering with high fever. At worst, I had a temperature of 103.1 Fahrenheit.


You don’t need to start year 2014 with  a dozen ambitious resolutions. Instead wing it with #wycwyc.:-)

Remember: not having 5 hours a week is no reason to not get into shape because you don’t need 5 hours, you just need a few moments here and there, applied consistently.