Wrapping up September

My September resolutions

My September resolutions

Time really flies – the first month of my happiness project is over. 🙂

What did I learn and discover?

The best outcome of my Toss, restore, organize resolution is establishing a new routine for keeping my apartment tidy. I do a little something almost every day, so these days I never feel reluctant to start cleaning my apartment just because there is so much to do it’s overwhelming.

In addition I’ve thrown away a ton of documents and printouts has accumulated in my drawers and everywhere else. The oddest document I found is one titled “What to do if a nuclear disaster is imminent?” I remember reading the paper and it was actually quite interesting. 🙂

However, I never really got into tossing away old clothes and organizing my wardrobe, but I think I have time to tackle that project later.

My Act enthusiastic resolution kept me on the lookout for my killjoy alter ego. I didn’t even know how much I identified with it  before I started paying attention to it. I know it’s there just to help me avoid further disappointments in my life, but unfortunately it also prevents me from living a full life.

Working with my Tackle a (thought) distortion resolution has revealed that I’m often tempted to  take the easy way out when I face some kind of challenge or unpleasant situation. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the things that are challenging or “unpleasant” would be good for me while taking the easy route takes me nowhere.

I’m afraid I can have an easy life, but not one that is both easy and fulfilling.

However, my greatest discovery was the fact that if I want to feel better about my life, I need to pay careful attention to the way I use my time. I can’t just think my way to a better quality of life but I need to strive to arrange and do things that are fun and not just the same old, same old. In my life, the same old stands for watching television and reading. So it’s no wonder that much of the fun I experienced this month came from my two new hobbies – salsa dancing and choir.

In general, my first month was a good experience even though I noticed I lost some steam toward the end. Part of it is probably just the novelty of my project wearing off, but on the other hand I think it’s also a sign that I crave more challenges My four resolutions and two new hobbies aren’t enough to keep me entertained much longer.


Even though my sour-faced killjoy alter ego is horrified at the thought, I think I will set myself new and more demanding resolutions for October. Here is a list of my October resolutions:


  1. Challenge yourself (this will be a month-long work-related project)
  2. Exercise smarter (more about this later)
  3. Try something new (I want to energize my life and my mind with a regular dose “something new” )
  4. Defuse from your thoughts (another mental skill I want to learn)
  5. Get up and running (I want to start my days without idling. Idling in the morning is a bad old habit that makes my days unsatisfying)

I will continue working on getting relief from my pain, tackling thought distortions and keeping my home neat and organized.

I’ll also try and keeping my killjoy alter ego in check – or perhaps I will just defuse from it when it rears it’s ugly head! 🙂