Happiness project update #1


Next I’m going to start organizing my kitchen drawers…

The project started well. I’ve mostly been in a good mood except for a couple of days in the middle of the week, when I stepped on a scale. 🙂


I’ve done a pretty good job sticking to my September resolutions, except that I forgot to tackle a distortion on Monday.

The problem isn’t lack of distorted thinking (!), it’s the fact that thoughts are so automatic and volatile that your mind barely registers them:  one moment they are there and then they are gone. I can often detect them just by the feelings they leave at their wake.

Going through my files I noticed there’s lots of “shoulding” going on in my head. I seem to have very specific notions about the way I should feel and behave. Or the way world is supposed to work. It’s a bit like being at war against myself AND reality, not to mention I’m always very upset when my expectations aren’t met.

Toss, restore and organize is my favorite resolution, because following it brings immediate satisfaction. In that way it’s a bit like eating chocolate, only without the drawbacks. 🙂

In practice, I’ve tried to follow the strategy I’ve named “little and often”.  Every day I aim to do a little something to keep my studio apartment tidy and organized. That way the work load never becomes overwhelming. My apartment is already more comfortable than it was just a week ago and I’m also happy because I get a regular dose of satisfaction.

I think cleaning and organizing brings so much satisfaction because you get immediate feedback on your actions. Also, cleaning and organizing is quite tangible and concrete, a much needed antidote to all those virtual activities that fill our days.

You already know what I’m doing to get rid of pain. Actually I’m almost painless already, because on top of my exercise rehab program I’m doing as many Feldenkrais lessons as possible.


The best thing about my week has been my two new hobbies. I attended a choir singing class on Thursday evening (for those who are interested, I don’t know how to sing) and on yesterday I attended a salsa class. Both were good choices. And as your may remember, one of my goals is to be able to salsa all night long when I turn 50, so it’s time I started learning.

I think I was made for salsa dancing. 🙂  It’s a fast-paced dance and I enjoyed it immediately (that’s why I loved dancing polka in high school). It was also surprisingly tough for a beginner class but in a good way. We were moving all the time!

Mambo step, anyone? 🙂